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Rules & Regs



We ask that we all work together to keep the subdivision in fine condition and abide with all of the Covenants as we are all legally required to do. Also, please consult with a member of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) before initiating any exterior changes and improvements to your property.

Webbs Landing residents can view the WLHA covenants as a PDF file by clicking here.


ARTICLE II, CLAUSE D, Sections 1 through 5 of the covenants outline the duties and responsibilities of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). In addition, ARTICLE IV, Sections 1 through 25 also deal with specific circumstances, most of which require an approval of this committee prior to proceeding with a project and/or specific other areas which may or may not exist on the individual lots in the subdivision.

Please see the WLHA covenants for more information regarding the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) and for information regarding specific projects.

You can view/download the NEW WLHA-ARC Project Approval Request Form here.  (Use this form for general projects)

You can view/download the original WLHA-ARC Plan Review Checklist Form here.  (This form is primarily for new home construction)

Homeowners are responsible for checking with Sussex county for any necessary permits before beginning any projects. Here is the link to the Sussex county building permits and licenses website:

For any additional information, please send an email to


No trash receptacles provided.
Pick up your trash.
Do not litter.
Respect the area and the surrounding property.
The pier is not a boat launch. No boats are to be launched from the pier. The only exception are boats that can be carried by hand (canoes, small boats). These are permitted.
No boats are to be moored at the pier. No exceptions.
Respect the private property of the adjacent property owners.
No trespassing on private property.
The area is marked with survey stakes.
Familiarize yourself with the boundaries, and stay within the Common Area.
No personal items are to be left unattended overnight at Pier or Common Area.
You must be a Property Owner or Guest to use this facility. Guests must be accompanied by a Property Owner.
Children must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
No Roller Skating, Skateboarding, Bicycle Riding or any other such activity is permitted at the Pier.
Hours of Operation — Dawn until Dusk.
No alcoholic beverages permitted.
Contact any Webbs Landing Board Member to discuss any adherence to these rules.