We hope you had a great summer with family and friends. We hope you all enjoyed the annual BBQ and the community yard sale, which put some extra cash in our pockets but more importantly provided another opportunity to visit with neighbors and friends.

The next scheduled event is the annual HOA meeting.  This year’s meeting is at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday October 1 at 211 Waterford Dr. 

Please note, the HOA board election is on the agenda.  Our HOA board is formed as a result of an election process where we invite those who are interested in holding one of the four positions to submit their name for the ballot.

In the past 12 months, we’ve seen various changes to these board positions due to resignations.  To accommodate, some residents volunteered to assist by temporarily filling these positions until the next election.

Board Positions

President – Oversees the functioning of the association and decision making as related to covenants and bylaws.

Vice President – Supports the president in their absence, supports projects and HOA operations.

Secretary – Manages the documentation, maintains records, schedules, and manages meetings and meeting minutes.

Treasurer – Manages HOA financial transactions and records to include annual budgets and reports.

As you all know, we are a small community and we’d like to keep the HOA in house as the alternative would be an outside firm, which would cost more and would typically affect our fairly relaxed lifestyle and the freedoms outside firms typically do not afford.

These are voluntary positions, and we understand that everyone has personal and professional commitments, but we are hopeful you will consider serving.

We’re extending this email notification to provide a few weeks for you to consider this opportunity.  If you are considering a position, we’d request you notify the board by October 7, to provide time to draft and mail the ballots and obtain and calculate results to identify all board members by November 1.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to discuss a specific role in more detail, please reach out to the HOA board at 302-307-3525 or wlha@webbslanding.org.

Thank you,

Webb’s Landing Homeowners Association

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