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New ARC Project Approval Request Form

The WLHA Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has a NEW form – the Project Approval Request Form which can be viewed/downloaded from here.   This form was created to provide more generalized information regarding projects the ARC reviews and should help homeowners submit information to the ARC. The original ARC Plan Review Checklist Form was kept and […]


We want all of our neighbors in Webbs Landing to enjoy their properties. We are only asking that we all work together to keep Webbs Landing in the fine condition it is in and that we abide with the covenants as a way of doing so.  To this end, the covenants address certain areas which we all agree […]


ARTICLE II, CLAUSE D, Sections 1 through 5 of the covenants outline the duties and responsibilities of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). In addition, ARTICLE IV, Sections 1 through 25 also deal with specific circumstances, most of which require an approval of this committee prior to proceeding with a project and/or specific other areas which may or may […]


RULES No trash receptacles provided. Pick up your trash. Do not litter. Respect the area and the surrounding property. The pier is not a boat launch. No boats are to be launched from the pier. The only exception are boats that can be carried by hand (canoes, small boats). These are permitted. No boats are […]