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Dear Neighbors,

In order for our community to continue to function and provide common services, dues are required to be paid by all homeowners each year.  The annual Webbs Landing Homeowners Association assessment of $300 is due for the upcoming fiscal year starting July 1, 2019.  Our HOA has an obligation to ensure that payments have been received from all Webbs Landing homeowners. More information regarding assessments can be found in the WLHA covenants.

Please mail or (drop off) your check payable to the Webbs Landing Homeowners Association prior to July 1, 2019 to:

Nancy Trunzo  202 Waterford Drive  Lewes, DE 19958

WLHA Updates

WLHA Board Openings         

There are still positions open on our WLHA Board and elections for board members are scheduled to be held this September.  If you ever thought of seeking a position on the board, but would like further information, then please contact Nancy Trunzo at 302-745-8144 or email her at  You can also contact Bob Stine via email at

Kayak Launch  

The WLHA is proud to announce that the kayak launch has been installed and ready for residents to use.  The launch is located at the end of the pier on the right.  The WLHA reminds all those using the pier and launch to exercise caution – remember SAFETY FIRST! The WLHA thanks all the residents for their support and patience during this project and hopes everyone can make use of these amenities and enjoy Love Creek!  Below are rules and regulations for the launch. 

Thank you and have a GREAT summer!


This pier/dock/launch is private property for the use of Webbs Landing Homeowners Association (WLHA) members in good standing and their registered guests.

Human powered boats only, no gas or electric powered boats.

The WLHA assumes no responsibility or liability for personal accident or injury of any kind resulting from or related to the use of this pier/dock/ launch.

Persons using this pier/dock/launch do so at their own risk and must be familiar with and obey all federal, state and local boating rules and regulations.

All boats, accessories and other personal items cannot be left unattended at any time.

The WLHA recommends the use of Coast Guard approved PFD’s (Personal Flotation Devices) for any person on a boat.

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