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Update: Hastings Marine Letter regarding Kayak Lauch (8/18)

Here is the latest update from Hastings Marine regarding the kayak launch for our pier to keep everyone informed on its progress.
Here is the letter:
I have been playing phone tag with DNREC this past week; however, I did receive an email from the scientist that has been handling your permit today. The project has completed the public notice period and no comments were made on it. As of right now, DNREC does not have any objects to the design (albeit the size reduction that was previously mentioned). The permit is in the process of being written up and will require a signature by the Secretary of DNREC prior to being issued.
I will send over an order proposal for you and Homeowner’s Association to review for the SportPort components for this project. As the kayak rails are custom built, the turnaround time on the order is approximately 2 to 3 weeks from order to delivery.
I will let you know as soon as your permit is on the DNREC Secretary’s desk.
Thank You,


Lucas Hastings

Project Consultant/ Co-Owner
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