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Hastings Marine Letter regarding Kayak Launch (6/29/18)

The WLHA is providing the following letter from Hastings Marine regarding the kayak launch for our pier to keep everyone informed on its progress.

I have been working DNREC on the proposed size of the float structure. DNREC has a blanket approval from the Army Corps of Engineers for projects that fit specific parameters (known as SP-GP20 compliance). The parameters for floating structures is typically limited to 6′ in width, and typically up to 8′ in width for municipal and community structures. In the past, we haven’t had an issue with getting approvals to slightly deviate from these parameters due to manufacturer sizing and limitations. However, with the new administration at DNREC, we are getting some resistance with getting the approval based on the plans that we presented. I have asked for the project to be reviewed for special permission and I am awaiting more details on this.
I did, however, proposal a workaround to DNREC for consideration if we are turned down: that would be using the same kayak launch system that we proposed, however, using a 2.5′ x 10′ side deck as opposed to the 5′ wide side deck. If they agree to this, we could get the project approved using a scaled back design or, we can always apply for an individual permit with the Army Corps of Engineers.
Unfortunately, working with DNREC has these uncontrolled variables that pop up from time to time, but do know that I am working with them to get things worked out and moving. We may, if need, plan a site visit with DNREC to review the proposal on site to show the minimal impact this project will have on the creek. If this meeting is schedule, I will let you know. As well, as soon as I get feedback from DNREC I will forward it to you.
Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.
Thank You,


Lucas Hastings

Project Consultant/ Co-Owner
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