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Spring Updates in our Webbs Landing Community ……

We finally have some warm weather here in our community and it is time for a few Spring updates….

Webb’s Landing Sign Our Webb’s Landing sign area has been “spring cleaned” with the addition of mulch with a fabric lining to reduce weed encroachment, and solar lights to illuminate our sign at night.

The Kayak Launch As you know at the end of October we overwhelmingly approved the purchase of a kayak launch for our dock area. We were unable to reach Hastings Marine for several months to get the process started. (They were working out of state.) Finally in March we connected and they apologized profusely for the long delay. All paperwork was immediately submitted and it is now in the hands of DENREC. They contacted Hastings Marine and asked for some minor ‘tweeks’ and that has been done. Hopefully momentarily the 21 day Public Notice starts. Hastings Marine has promised to forward us a copy of the notice. After that 21-days-notice passes the launch can be ordered, delivered, and installed.

WLHA Board Openings There are several positions open on our WLHA Board. The positions of President and Treasurer are available. Also, we have an opening on our Architectural Review Committee. Dan Himmelfarb has decided to retire from the committee. We thank him for his years of service to our community. Steve Miller and Bill Moore are the other committee members.
If you would like to serve in any of these positions, please contact Nancy Trunzo…302-745-8144 or or Bob Stine…

Annual Assessment Our 2018/2019 calendar year begins on July 1, 2018, and each homeowner’s annual assessment is due by that date. This year’s assessment is $300, the same as last year. You will be receiving an invoice on or about June 1st. You may mail or drop off your payment to Nancy Trunzo at 202 Waterford Drive.

Wishing you a relaxing time with family and friends as we reach Memorial Day weekend and summer days ahead.

Nancy Trunzo, Vice-President

Bob Stine, Treasurer

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