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Dear Neighbors,

Voting for Webbs Landing Homeowners Association (WLHA) Board members will occur at this year’s annual meeting on Saturday, September 16, 2017 at 10am on the Britz’ back porch at 212 Waterford Drive. You will find the agenda for this year’s meeting HERE.

Our Bylaws require that the affairs of the Association shall be managed by a Board of Directors, elected every 2 years, who are in good standing in the Association.

Judy and Steve Britz will not be seeking re-election as President and Treasurer since they will be traveling and spending time with their children and grandchildren. Judy and Steve have served as excellent officers on the board and will be sorely missed. Nancy Trunzo has volunteered to seek re-election as Vice President and Bob Stine has volunteered to seek re-election as Secretary. Donna Musselman and Nancy Trunzo have agreed to co-chair the nominating committee this year.

Therefore, the President and Treasurer positions require candidates for these positions. Please consider volunteering your time and talent for these positions on our board. A description of each position on the board can be found HERE. Your presence on the board will continue keeping Webbs Landing a well maintained community which protects everyone’s home values in the short and long run. Our Homeowners Association is the best way to accomplish serving the needs of everyone in our community and we hope that you will consider becoming a board member.

If you are willing to become a candidate for the WLHA board, then please contact us at by email at or by calling (302) 307-3525.

We hope we will see as many of you as possible at this year’s annual WLHA meeting.

See you then!

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