Dear Neighbors,

This letter is your reminder that the annual Webbs’ Landing Homeowners Association assessment of $300 is due for the upcoming fiscal year starting July 1, 2017. This rate was agreed to by a vote of the majority of the homeowners in 2016.

Please mail or (drop off) your check payable to the WLHA prior to July 1, 2017:

Steve Britz, Treasurer
212 Waterford Drive
Lewes, DE 19958

Just to update you on use of your annual dues and news/announcements since our annual meeting:
• The Webbs Landing community sign that blew over during last year’s windstorm has been replaced. We hope you like the new one that was about $1000 under-budget from the $5,000 that was approved.
• The snowfall in January resulted in $234 in snow plowing expenses.
• We re-negotiated our corporation and liability insurance policies with a new agent, saving some expense for the coming year.
• New neighbors (Andre Rodriguez and Casandra Waples) have moved into 112 Heather Drive. Please welcome the newest members of our Love Creek community!
• Sam Cole was kind enough to replace a missing plank on the crabbing pier, so it can now be used. Bob Stine has also fortified some Boards that had become loose. Thanks to both of you for your community spirit!

At the fall homeowners’ association meeting, there was a continuing interest in the addition of a kayak launch to the community pier that will be on this fall’s agenda. So, although we achieved some savings on the sign and insurance, the increased assessment will help with growing the road fund and other improvement projects.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to the dues and we hope to see you as the weather continues to warm!

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